Terms and conditions of use

Rule 1. Scope

The general conditions of sale detailed below (hereafter designated "General Conditions"), govern the contractual relations between each user of the site mondogaleria.com/SHOP/ (hereafter designated the "User" or "You") and MONDO EDICIONES property of MONDO GALERIA, whose siege is located at San Lucas 9 - 28004- Madrid - SPAIN (hereafter designated "MONDO EDICIONES").

These general conditions of sale are the only applicable and replace all other conditions, except preceeding derogation, explicit and written. MONDO EDICIONES can punctually modify certain of the dispositions of its general conditions, also it is necessary that these be reread before each visit to the site mondogaleria.com/SHOP/ (hereafter designated "Site"). These modifications are opposable starting from the date of their instatement online (the date of their instatement online figuring at the end of the present conditions) and cannot be applied to contracts concluded anteriorly. Each purchase on the Site is governed by the general conditions applicable at the date of the order. In validating your command, you accept without reserve the General Conditions after having read them. In accessing the Site, you commit yourself to respect the present conditions.

It is specified that the present conditions govern the sales of the photographs, designs and books of MONDO EDICIONES on the Site. These conditions are applied, at the exclusion of all other conditions, notably those in vigor for the sales in MONDO GALERIA (hereafter designated the " Galleries ") or in other companies which distribute MONDO EDICIONES products.

Rule 2. Use of the Site

To use the Site, You must be at least of the age of 18, be juridically capable of contracting and using the Site conformingly with the present General Conditions. You guarantee the truth and exactitude of the information provided by Yourself, on this Site.

MONDO EDICIONES reserves itself the right to annul or to refuse the order of a client with whom there would exist a litigation relative to the payment of an anterior order.

The Site is available in English and Spanish languages. The language of the Site is in function of the language of Your internet navigator. If the language of your internet navigator is not one of the 2 languages above, the language of the Site will be English. You can modify the choice of the language on the homepage of the Site.

1)    Essential characteristics of the products

The products sold on the Site are art photographs numbered and in limited editions, designs in limited editions and books.
The photographs are offered in one or several formats and mountings, according to the agreements made between the photographer or his or her representatives and MONDO EDICIONES. The photographs and designs are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity in English and Spanish.

The prices are indicated excluding taxes and shipping fees.
The currency in which the prices are indicated varies according to the country of consultation of the Site: Euros for the countries in the euro zone, USD for the USA, Euros for other countries.
In the case of a delivery to a country other than the EU, you are the importer of the work or works concerned. For all the works expedited to destinations outside of the EU, the customs duties or other local taxes of importation or taxes of the State are susceptible to be demanded.

These duties and sums do not result from the jurisdiction of MONDO EDICIONES. They will be at your charge and result in your entire responsibility as much in terms of declarations as in the payments to the authorities and the competent organizations of your country. We advise you to inform yourself about this according to your local authorities.

MONDO EDICIONES reserves the right to modify its prices at all moments. The works will be billed on the basis of the price list in vigor at the moment of the registration of orders, under the reserve of availability.
The works rest the property of MONDO EDICIONES until the complete payment of the indicated prices

2)    To effect an order

To effect an order, You should at the minimum pass through the following steps:

•    Consultation of the information page presenting the photograph, design or book. On this screen You can choose the format and the support among those offer for this item. The state of stock is indicated (in stock / available in a few days / in preorder available for 1 month / out of stock). You must click on « Add to shopping cart» in order to add this article to your shopping cart.
•    Screen « Shopping cart» you have the possibility to delete an article or to modify the quantities ordered.
•    Screens of identification or of the creation of a client account
•    Screen of the choice of the mode of delivery. On this screen a link is offered to you to modify the articles of your order.
•    Screen of summary and choice of payment. This screen allows you to choose your mode of payment and to verify the different elements constituting your order (articles, quantity, mode of delivery, total price). You must insure that all these elements are in conformity with your order. Because of the links on this screen, You have the possibility to modify your order.

•    You must afterward accept the general conditions of sale and of utilization of the Site in order to pass to the payment step. The conditions are available for reading and for printing from the link «general conditions of sale». Their acceptation is effected in checking the box attached to the link to these conditions. The general conditions of sale and of utilization of the Site must be accepted at each order.
•    You pay for your order by the method of payment chosen
•    The contract is concluded upon the confirmation of the payment by the bank.
•    The Site sends you a confirmation of your order by email in the minutes that follow.

3)    Methods of payment

Several modes of payment are offered to you to pay for your order on the Site :

•    Credit Card, Visa and Mastercard.
•    Paypal

4)    Security of payments

For the payments by credit card, the transaction is effected by Redy´s, the system of payment of Servired, on the site of La Caixa.
The bank information of the User is encrypted (SSL technology, Secure Socket Layer). It does not circulate freely on the Internet and cannot be intercepted.
Your bank information (number of card, expiration date….) is not communicated to MONDO EDICIONES.

5)    Proof

The information registered by the Site constitutes the proof of the entirety of transactions effected between the Site and its clients.
The information registered by the system of payment Redy´s, the system of payment of Servired, on the site of La Caixa constitutes the proof of financial transactions.

6)    Delivery

Processing of orders

Orders effected before 11 AM (GMT+1h), from Monday to Friday, outside of holidays, are expedited the same evening (for photographs indicated « in stock »). In other cases, the orders are expedited on the evening of the following workday.
The entirety of the works ordered is sent in one single order.

The works noted «available under X days» will be expedited in an average of X days.
The works noted «out of print» can no longer be ordered.

Shipping address
MONDO EDICIONES delivers in the UE.
Delivery to another country : on request

The delivery will be effected to the shipping address that you will validate at the moment of the order as being the «shipping address», this address being able to be different from the «billing address».
Change of shipping address after the effectuation of the order is not often possible for logical reasons. You can always contact us, if you wish to change the shipping address, we will study the possibilities in function of your order.

Modes of deliver and transit times

The possible modes of delivery depend on the quantity, the size of the article(s) ordered and the destination country. If your order comports articles of different sizes, it is the size of the largest article that is taken into account. MONDO EDICIONES reserves for itself the right of the choice of the transporter.

The delivery date depends on the state of the stock, the date of expedition of the order and the transit time for delivery established by the mode of delivery.

The delivery of items «in stock» will be effected in the indicative transit times mentioned, and at the latest 15 days following the ordering, except in the case of a major force.

The respect of the transit times depends on our transporter. In consequence, no request for indemnification, whatever nature it may be, will be able to be claimed by the client.

Shipping fees

The shipping fees vary according to the destination and the mode of delivery as well as the number and the format of the works ordered. The details of the shipping fees are available at the Site.

Reception of the delivery

Upon the reception of your order, it is your responsability to open the package to verify the state of the delivery.  

In the case of a problem, please give your package back to the deliverer stipulating the problem encountered and contact our customer service on the same day. 

The reception of the objects transported extinguishes all action against the transporter for damage or partial loss if within the three days, holidays not included, which follow that of this reception, the recipient has not notified the transporter, by an extrajudicial act or by registered letter, his delineated protestation. (art L 133.3 of the code of the Commerce).

7)    Right of revocation

In conformity with the article L121-20 of the code of consummation, You dispose of a right of revocation for the return of a work that does not suit you.  This right is not applied to gift certificates or orders made by companies.

For all orders on the Site, you dispose of a period of 15 calendar days to notify us of your request for a return. For this, please contact our customer service that will indicate to you the return address and then you will dispose of a period of 10 days to return to us your order.

No "shipment for reimbursement" will be accepted, for any reason.
Articles returned without their original packaging or incomplete, spoiled, damaged, or dirtied by the client are not reaccepted.
MONDO EDICIONES will reimburse You the price of the photographs, designs or books (the shipping fees resting your responsibility) in a period of 15 days following the reception of the order by MONDO EDICIONES, by credit in the bank account having served for payment, by check or by gift certificate, according to the mode of payment used at the time of the order.

8)    Right to return

In the case that the works received do not conform to the order, you dispose of a right to return. In this case, please contact our customer service which will indicate to you the return address and the procedures of return.
Print the Customer Return Authorisation
MONDO EDICIONES will effect the exchange of the damaged article, within the limitation that the stock is available. In the case that an article is no longer available, MONDO EDICIONES will offer you another article of an equivalent sum.
In the case of the exercise of the right to return, and only in this case, the shipping fees of the return and of the new shipment will be assumed by MONDO EDICIONES.

9)    Customer service and claims

For any information or question, you can contact our customer service by email. We will be very happy to give all the information that you wish about our works and your order.

Rule 3. Protection of personal information

In function of your choices at the time of the creation or of the modification of your account, you will be susceptible to receive the offers of our company and those of our partners. If you no longer wish it, you can modify these choices in your Client account on the Site or in writing us at the address here below.

In application of the laws of Privacy, You dispose of a right of access, of modification, of rectification, and of suppression of the information that concerns you. You can exercise this right in sending a letter to the following address :

Customer service
San Lucas 9
28004 Madrid - SPAIN

You can equally consult or modify your personal information in your client account on mondogaleria.com/SHOP/

Rule 4. Responsibilities and Guaranties

MONDO EDICIONES makes great efforts to assure to the best of its abilities, the exactitude and the updating of the information promoted on this site, of which it reserves the right to correct, at all moment and without advanced notice, the content. At all times, the company MONDO EDICIONES can not guarantee the exactitude, the precision, and the exhaustively of the information put at disposition on this site.

In consequence, MONDO EDICIONES declines all responsibility for all interruption of the site, all incidence of bugs, all inexactitude or omission concerning the information available on the site, all damages resulting from a fraudulent intrusion of a third party having brought about a modification of the information put at disposition on the site.

This site can contain links to other sites. MONDO EDICIONES cannot be held responsible for the problems of access or for the contents of these sites.

MONDO EDICIONES will not be responsible for damages resulting from the utilization or of the impossibility of the utilization of the Site.
MONDO EDICIONES will not be in any case responsible for dysfunction imputable to software programs, which may or may not be incorporated into the Site or provided with it.

MONDO EDICIONES commits itself to respect all the legal guarantees over which You could prevail. The works presented on our site being in conformity with the prescriptions of Spanish law, we will not be held responsible for the violation of legislation proper to the country of delivery. In consequence, we invite You to consult the law in vigor in the country of delivery.

Rule 5. Intellectual Property

1)    Rights concerning the work
 The artist, because of having taken the initiative of his creation, remains the bearer of the rights of author of his or her work, as defined by Spanish law. The rights of representation and of reproduction of the works presented on the site mondogaleria.com/SHOP/ belong to their authors and to MONDO EDICIONES. Their conjoint authorization is necessary for all exploitation of these rights. Your rights to the purchased work are therefore limited to a right to private use, excluding any right of representation and of reproduction.

2)    Intellectual property right
 All the elements present on the site and the site in itself are protected by the right of the author, right of trademarks, of designs, and models and/or all other intellectual property rights. By item, which we understand to be non-exhaustive: the photographs, images, designs, illustrations, texts, videos, logos, screen savers, backgrounds, trademarks, models, software programs…These articles belong to the company MONDO EDICIONES or are utilized with the permission of their owners.

Therefore, all reproduction, representation, utilization, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, commercialization, partial or integral by whatever procedure or on whatever medium that may be (paper, digital…) are forbidden, without the advanced written authorization of MONDO EDICIONES, besides the exceptions endorsed in the Real Decreto Legislativo 1/1996, de 12 de abril, under the pain of constituting a breach in the copyrights of the author and/or of designs and models and/or of trademark, punished by two years of imprisonment and a 150 000,00€ fine

Rule 6. Jurisdiction

The present conditions are governed by Spanish law. They are available in the language of the consultation of the Site, cf art. II. In the hypothesis that litigation would be born out of the present contractual relation, the User and MONDO EDICIONES commit before any judiciary action to search an amiable solution. In the case of litigation, only Spanish tribunals will be competent.