"Microsensación" Special Edition


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A fluffy, fluctuating literature, freed to the rhythm of whom immersed in it will undress it. Rich in mysteries for the - unconscious - reader to decipher.

Soft Cover / 21 x 15 cm / 124 Pages /

SPANISH VERSION / Collector´s edition of 10 numbered copies

Box with book + original pictoric art

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Material Recycled Paper

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I started “Microsensation” around 1995 in India when I moved there from Argentina. It was my second book. Before, started in Buenos Aires and finished in Bombay, I had written an abstract and encrypted prose poetry one called: “Aphid”. Both with the same white Olivetti Lettera 60's typewriter which was a few years later confiscated in Paris Charles de Gaulle.

My idea was to write a novel to stay away from Drama. Since early days I have been obsessed with creating outside Dramatic Conflict, something I think should be avoided to enter a more ethereal state of the Art. Today I find more difficult not to consider light-dark, life or death conflict; but fascinated with the Indus Valley philosophy, with the teachings of Buddha and my own Self propelled in time, this book emerged as a discharge from the unconscious. As if it had already been written somewhere. Automatic writing without return and Beatnik daily life, let the mind paraphrase itself searching for the essential. Surprisingly, different paths intersect at infinity. Narrative, a mixture of real events and pure imagination, fit together like a poker of A.